Vesta for Program Providers & FMSAs

Vesta for Program Providers & FMSAs

For Program Providers & FMSAs

Vesta incorporates the processes necessary to fully meet the EVV compliance requirements while also providing the resources to improve operations and the level of care provided.

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Vesta Features

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The Trusted EVV Solution for Program Providers & FMSAs

Vesta is the No. 1 EVV vendor in Texas, successfully serving over 2,600 Medicaid Program Providers. With over 180 million historical EVV transactions and 300,000 EVV transactions each weekday, it is easy to understand why Vesta is the preferred EVV choice among Medicaid Program Providers in Texas. Based on years of experience, Vesta delivers a reliable, user-friendly, and fully compliant EVV solution. Vesta includes the following features:


The reliable, web-based EVV Management System is designed to work for Texas Program Providers & FMSAs in the following programs:  STAR+PLUS, STAR Kids, STAR Health, CLASS, HCS, TxHmL, PHC/FC/CAS, DBMD, PCS and CFC (including STAR traditional Medicaid members), YES, and AMH.

Vesta CDV

The specialized, web-based application is for CDS Employers to use for visit maintenance and visit approval. It can be used with any device, including personal computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Vesta Biller

Vesta Biller Claims Management System –

Value-Added Service for Additional Fee

The #1 billing system for Texas Medicaid Program Providers is now optimized to work with Vesta to ensure claim payments on a timely basis.

Member Management

View Member’s demographic and EVV information all in one place. Additionally, Vesta utilizes a process that retrieves and posts Member Medicaid Eligibility data from TMHP daily, so Member Eligibility is always verified.


Easily manage and identify Member’s Payer, Program and Service(s) for all program types. Additionally, Vesta delivers daily electronic authorization records received from TMHP for Fee for Service programs, alerting Program Providers & FMSAs to any changes or discrepancies.


Based on service authorizations, VisitPlan makes it easy for Program Providers to create schedules and assign Service Attendants to Members that are receiving services.

Verification Methods

Vesta offers three verification methods for Service Attendants to use for clocking in and out: mobile app, home phone landline, and alternative device.


Visits that cannot be automatically verified can easily be identified and verified manually with a simple, three-step process in VisitVerify.


Vesta provides complete visibility and electronic documentation with comprehensive reporting features. Say goodbye to information lags and documentation gaps.

Vesta Advantages

For Program Providers & FMSAs searching for a reliable and easy-to-use EVV system that streamlines operations while meeting compliance requirements, look no further than Vesta. Vesta users are able to:

  • Integrate all EVV data into a comprehensive system
  • Automate administrative tasks like visit verification and billing
  • Improve operations and individual care
  • Receive comprehensive documentation and reports
  • Access Vesta from anywhere, at anytime
  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface
  • Take advantage of thorough training and excellent customer support
  • Meet all federal and state EVV Compliance Requirements
  • Meet HIPAA Compliance Requirements
  • Avoid software installations and updates
  • Interface existing 3rd Party Management System with Vesta

Plus, Vesta offers Vesta CDV (Consumer Directed Verification), a free simple solution for Consumer Directed Employers to manage, verify and approve time.


Dependable Verification

Vesta provides three dependable, accurate, and user-friendly solutions to verify visits and comply with federal and state EVV requirements.

Smartphone App

The Vesta Mobile App makes it quick and easy for Service Attendants and CDS Employees to clock in and out using their own smartphone. The Vesta Mobile App is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Home Landline Telephone

The Vesta Home Landline Telephone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provides a reliable way for Service Attendants and CDS Employees to clock in and out from a home landline telephone.

Alternative Device

The Vesta Alternative Device is an innovative electronic device that allows Service Attendants and CDS Employees to clock in and out when the Vesta Mobile App or a home landline telephone is not available.

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Program ProvidersThe number of Medicaid providers that Vesta serves.


MembersThe number of Medicaid eligible individuals that Vesta serves.


Daily Visit TransactionsThe number of daily EVV transactions that are collected each weekday.