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The Vesta® Mobile App

The best tool for your home health care Attendants!

A Service Attendant holds a mobile phone displaying the Vesta Mobile App. Your home health care Service Attendants currently have three ways to clock in and out with the Vesta system: Alternative Device, Landline or Mobile App.

The easiest, fastest and most accurate way to document their service hours is (hands down!) the Vesta Mobile App. With this free application, they no longer need to enter code after code for token devices or dial from a landline phone. Once they download the App onto their mobile smartphones and log in, the Service Attendants simply hit a button to clock in or out.

(If you’re already sold, ask your Service Attendants to download the free App today at

Not only does the Vesta Mobile App eliminate steps, it includes useful features to help your Service Attendants work smarter. If they aren’t using the App yet, educate them on the six bonus features that will turn them into app users!

6 Features of the Vesta Mobile App

Plan & prepare with Schedule: The Schedule feature shows the day and time of each Member to be cared for that week. Your Service Attendants will never overlook a visit!

Clock in and out with Community Location: The Community Location feature allows remote clock-in and clock-out when work begins or ends outside the Member’s home. Do the Service Attendants need to shop for groceries first? No problem!

Manage time with Visit In Progress: The VIP feature records the hours, minutes and seconds of the visit from the moment of clock-in. Your Service Attendants will stay on schedule!

Keep in contact with Message: The Message feature relays correspondence from the Program Provider to the Service Attendant. Your Service Attendants will receive messages from the office in real time!

Clock out on time with Reminder: The Reminder feature notifies when it’s time to end a scheduled visit. Your Service Attendants will know when it’s time to go!

Understand with Language: The Language feature allows the app to display in English or Spanish. ¿Tus asistentes prefieren el español? ¡Les encantará esta función!

There you have it! The Vesta Mobile App gives Service Attendants both ease and benefits! It also reduces errors, saving YOU time and money!

Ask your Service Attendants to download the free App at! To receive your free Vesta Mobile App training, go to